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School Dekho - India's First School Search Engine .

 Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”——— 

                                                             Malcolm X

“Education”, is the only key to open posterity for a better world, and for this, the very first step is to make a “choice”  of choosing  “Good School Admission” for your child. The right school for your child today will make all the big difference in his / her successful career in the future. 


School Dekho always advises “Dekho fir Chuno”. Yes, know your school before getting admission.  


Now the good part is, nowadays there are a huge number of opportunities available for choosing your child’s Educational institution. The bad part is, that it’s always tough to choose among the abundance of options. The Guardian gets confused about how they can select a perfect Educational environment for their child and bring them the true sense of Education Definition, or which Education System is going to help their child the best to be a successful person of tomorrow. 


To ensure that your child receives the best education according to their specific requirements, sometimes a Private School can be more helpful whereas in some cases a Charter School near you can bring that perfect learning environment to facilitate your child's effective learning.


School Dekho, an eduscol is already launched to relieve all your Educational headaches. Now make the bright decision for your child's future with India’s #1st search engine for School Search and claim online Admission. School Dekho gives your search a new edge by organizing all schools performing under the guidance of the Department of Education and the Board of Education according to your preferences and necessity. Now browse Schools categorically with India’s leading Education Portal and enjoy our best-ever Edu-care service.

What are the Best Choices?

Nowadays, there are many different choices guardians can avail while educating their children. According to School Dekho, K-12 education includes several Neighbor Public Education Platforms:


Charter Schools

Magnet Schools 

Online Public Schools 

Home Schools

Alternative School 


Before choosing the right school for the educational start of your child or a High School for Higher Educational opportunities parents have to be very concerned about the School's overall performance and Educational Values so they can make the most perfect decision for their child.

So, to find a good fit for a child a parent must go through a few outlined criteria before choosing  a school for admission according to School Dekho:


What is your child's necessity?

What does your child want to learn?

What could be the best learning option for your child?

What are Child's social needs?

What is the plan for your Child?


A very broad array of indicators considers a “Good School” which you can choose for your child and get admission to.


Co-curriculum & Curriculum programs of a School:

“Good School” just can’t be decided for only its curriculum activities. Though the depth of curriculum courses, teaching, and learning faculties influences a child's higher education opportunities and future career path, co-curriculum cultures build the social and moral values in your child that make them a responsible citizen of the nation. Along with it also develops your child’s physical and intellectual skills which influence their overall personality.


Student & Teacher Connection and  Ratio of a School :

A true Guru can bring out the best in your child and make them a perfect human. Teachers can feel the genuine necessity of your child and fulfill it with the care of Education and thus convert a child into a responsible person.

Ratio: A small class is known to have a big positive effect on your child's future.  A lower student-teacher ratio brings better chances for your child to participate more in class daily activities and learn better. Teachers can spend more time ensuring that every student can better learn the complete curriculum and is provided with the necessary help to bring out their potential.


School Education System:

There can even be a huge difference between two siblings such as every student requiring a different syllabus, and a different educational environment to learn better and gain better knowledge. Every child has a different strength and different efficiency in learning and displaying abilities. So, School Education System must match these differences and help students understand and connect better with learning.


Your Child Interest & Necessity:

Before choosing the right school for admission a parent should take care of their child’s interests and their basic requirements. Get involved with your child before claiming admission, ask them a few questions regarding their dream career, hobbies, interest, and what they love to do. Choose the school that will take care of your child's needs, encourage their strength, and helps them overcome their weakness.


Know Your School:

Before choosing the right school for admission you should know your school completely. Get reviews and opinions of other guardians who already opted for that very school for their child's education. Along with the school performance, special educational opportunities also know how affordable that school could be during the complete educational journey of your child.


It’s always important that your child attends school from the very beginning, that should be the right fit for the long span of your child's learning journey. School Dekho requests you to keep these very factors in your mind before claiming admission to the dream school. This education gazette can play a very helpful friendly part to keep you updated regarding current education opportunities and also help you with all valid information accumulated from the Directorate of Education and the School Education Board. School Dekho hopes that your child will get blessed with the power of knowledge and become a better person tomorrow. It’s the time to start your child's learning and claim your admission after performing good research both on your child’s requirements and about school’s opportunities.School Dekho is always willing to help you. Tell us and we will tailor the right fit for getting in admission.

School Dekho wishes you all the best wishes.


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