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Your all-in-one Education Solution .

Browse the schools by category and find the best school near you with India's first search engine for schools. Search schools from a list of 25,000+ schools, and high schools located across India, and also enjoy personalized support to find exactly the best one that you are looking for.


About Us:  

School Dekho, is India’s one of most comprehensive Education platform which makes school search and selection of admission easier. Explore our highly curated information piled up from the Department of Education Board regarding fee structure, special education format, higher education opportunities, admission process dates, school location, academic values of schools, and all. We have successfully enlisted more than 25,000+ schools covering all PreSchools, PlaySchools, Primary Schools, HighSchools, boarding schools, or Charter schools near you to help you find the best one for your child. With the help of our dedicated support team, we have turned to a most trusted eduscol as your all-education solution. We also comprehend your needs and suggest to you unbiased suggestions of opting for the best suitable schools that are performing under the School Education boards and contrôlée by the Directorate of Education.

Discovering the Best School Online and Claim Admission is easier with School Dekho:  

The main responsibility of parenting is to give the right education definition to a child so that he can turn into a responsible citizen. So, deciding the right school is always important and challenging.  When checking the best for your child parents face a bunch of questions and are perplexed in the search for the best one. Every parent carries a different perspective on what makes a school the best. The best School certainly depends on a bunch of facts like curriculum aspects, higher studies opportunities, and extracurricular activities. School Dekho aims to assist students and parents to find the right school proximity by helping to shortlist and select schools matching your criteria. 

Like the Times Higher Education, we ensure parents and students receive the most accurate ranking parameters of schools based on their yearly performances and the feedback provided by guardians and students already opted as their learning.


Also, we keep you updated with daily changes in the Education system with our best education gazette. Our blogs and newsfeeds help us find all necessary educational support and find the best education opportunities.


Also, our information is most genuine and accumulated from the School Education Department. We work harder to serve you with the Edu-care values which we believe in.

All pieces of information are accumulated from the School Education Department of India and the Directorate of Education.

Contact Us:

Call:  1800 - 2588 - 074


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