Who are we and why us?

India's first search engine for school admissions

Welcome to School Dekho, India's first search engine for school admissions. We're dedicated to giving you the best school of your choice, with a focus on education as a priority, infrastructure, and nature, like extracurricular activities, programs, etc.

Founded in 2021, School Dekho's goal is to get all students admitted to their dream schools right from their homes. Not only this, School Dekho is dedicated to all those parents who are busy with their work and not able to reach their destination in search of schools. When we first thought of this framework, we promised that parents in India would visit us for only one thing: Dekho Phir Chuno, which means to first check the school and then lock in the choice. With School Dekho, you can look over everything, from classrooms to academic performance, with ease. With the visualization pictures and 360 videos of the school, you will feel like you are right there.



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