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Start Searching Your School.

Confused about choosing the right School?

"School Dekho", India’s first search engine for schools, brings you your solution. Yes, with our Eduscol, you cover all the necessary areas needed for choosing the right school for admission.


About Us: 


School Dekho”, Education Portal is designed to connect you to Schools performing under the “Education Department of India”. Also, you can claim your admission to the School you choose easily with our portal.


Get Easy Access to All schools:


With our Education Portal, you now have a road map to all schools operating under the "School Education Department". Get necessary information about government schools, private schools, or any charter schools near you.


Instant Admission:


School admission was never so easy before "India’s first search engine for schools" brought you the online school admission concept. Nowadays, you choose the smart way by choosing our Education Portal as your admission portal.


All Necessary Information:   


A school is a place where a student gets the proper education. So, it’s always a sensible choice to choose the right school to start. Your higher studies always depend on the basis of your education. Through our "Education Gazette", you get necessary information about the current education system, special education programmes, and other information provided by the "School Education Department". Our information is highly precise and easy to understand.


First-hand Feedback:


What’s better than receiving reviews from users who've already opted for Eduscol as their educational solution? View reviews by genuine users before choosing your school for admission.


Track Accurate Rankings:


As with "Times Higher Education," we provide school rankings as a resource for users to track accurate school performance and choose schools based on their needs.


Best EDU Website:


Choosing “School Dekho” as your EDU Website is always a smart choice. We bring you a range of Schools from Kindergarten to High School to smooth your Education journey.


Student’s Best Education Gazette:  


Articles published in our Education Portal are the best source to compare Schools before Admission. With our Education Gazette, you can analyze which School is going to be the perfect fit for you.


A student's best memory is their school memory. We always help you to frame a happy memory of your educational journey. "School Dekho" is India’s first search engine for schools and the most trusted education portal for students. 


Information provided in the "School Dekho" Education Portal is piled up from the "School Education Department" of India.

Contact Us:

Call:  1800 - 2588 - 074

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