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Discover A School That Fits You.

We are “India’s first search engine for school”, the most desired Education Portal for Students looking for a School or a High School for Higher Education. Join “School Dekho” the prime Eduscol for Educational solutions.


Take Your Step Towards A Bright Future

Find School to reach your Educational goals with “India’s first search engine for school”. Schools with a proper Education System & Special Education program bring you the opportunity to learn better & prepare for Higher Education. “School Dekho” Education Portal has given you access to choose the Schools by the best listing.


Discover The School Resources With One Click:   

Our Education Portal helps take the guesswork out of deciding which school fits you best. With our resources, you get to know about the school for admission. Our resources are vetted and precise. Necessary information is accumulated from the "Board of Education" and the "Education Department" of India.


Best Education Gazette:

You can get educational articles, school rankings, and educational programmes that will help you choose the right school for admission through our Education Gazette.


No Tough Grind With Us:    

Education demands an investment of time and hard work. "School Dekho", an Education Portal, connects you with every government school, private school, and charter school near you, allowing you to easily compare and choose your school while also receiving instant admission.


Always Stay On The Right Track:

Never mislead yourself with fake websites. Choose “School Dekho” as your Edu website & get accurate details about Schools provided by the “Directorate of Education” & “ School Education Department”.


Career Guidance:

Our experts are always ready to help you with the necessary support through your school search and admission journey.


First-Hand Feedback:  

Feedback and reviews are the things you must go through before choosing your school. Like Times Higher Education (THE) we also update our School rankings based on the reviews of users & performance of the school.


A great job and career are secured with the right knowledge, skills, and credentials. "School Dekho", India’s first search engine for schools, brings you the best schools that match your criteria. With our best education portal, students get all the necessary information about the school before admission. Browse schools by the best of the best of the lists with the favourite Eduscol for Education professionals.


 Contact Us:

 Call: 1800 - 2588 - 074



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Call: +91 80 4568 8002


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