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Discover The Best School Today.

School Dekho is India’s first search engine for school and admission, helping you find the right school for you and make an easy school admission. We are dedicated to providing you with the best school functioning under the Department of Education and are affiliated with the Directorate of Education Department of India focusing on their education system and programs for higher education.


All You Should Know About Us:

School Dekho is a leading education platform with all the necessary information about the education world. We started our education portal for searching schools and easy admission, and we started expanding the learning management system and released our services in the same sphere.


School Dekho, The Best School Managing Portal:

We are the most recommended service provider for the Education Portal. Best Eduscol provides education solutions to students dedicated to pursuing their education goals. We bring you all the private schools or charter schools near you based on your criteria and the demand for courses you want to choose.

The Way We Work:

Alike (THE) Times Higher Education, we provide you with the best schools ranked yearly based on dynamic parameters and performance. So, you can choose the best school of your choice and all the necessary information about schools. School Dekho guides you through the admission process provided by the School Education Department. We are the best information provider for Schools or High Schools operating in India.


Daily Education Update: 

Get the current updates and news helpful for educational advancement with our latest Education Gazette. Our daily articles and updates always keep you on the right track of our education system and bring you the latest updates from the Education Department and Education Board of India.


Awards & Survey Of Higher Education:

Our Education portal also provides you with daily updates on the best school awards presented each year based on the appropriate criteria.


Education Magazines:

Discover the trending educational topics with our Education Gazette bringing the true Education Definition to the students.


Trending Blogs Based On Education:

Get educational and motivational blogs with School Dekho. Get encouraged and more dedicated to education with our daily blogs.


Discover the best school in India with India’s first search engine for schools. School Dekho  is a leading Education Portal taking the best Edu-care initiative to spread education to every inch of society. 


School Dekho is an Eduscol that provides all of your educational solutions. Trust us for a better tomorrow.

All the information is accumulated from the School Education Department of India and the Directorate of Education.


Contact Us:

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