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India's first search engine for schools is here now. Students and parents, stop worrying about your schooling and further education because now schools are just a click away from you. Get all the vetted information collected from the Department of Education about all the private schools, government schools, or any charter schools, and enjoy instant online school admission just with one click with us.


Everything You Should Know About Us:

School Dekho is an education portal that specializes in evaluating school services and suggesting the right one to choose. Select your school with a proper focus on its education system, special education infrastructure, and other co-curriculum programs. We are the best educational gadget that a student must have.

Our experts are here to help you with your complete journey of searching for schools or high schools, applying, and getting admission to the school.


What Do We Do?

A school is the basic foundation of our education system. Students get the chance to acquire knowledge in various fields of education in school, and by obtaining knowledge, a student can become a better person for society.


School Dekho is an Eduscol portal for educational players.


Easy School Search:

Your school is just a click away. School Dekho, the best educational gazette, is here to get a root map to reach all the private, government, and charter schools in India and pick your preferred one for admission.


Experts Guide:

Confused by our huge school database box? Relax! Our experts are always ready to help you with the necessary information collected from the school education department that you need while selecting your future school. School Dekho is India’s first search engine to ease your school search and the admission journey.


Zero Scam:

We believe that the definition of real education always starts with trust. We are the best education portal just because of your support and belief in us. We present the information collected from the School Education Department and display the schools that are under the Directorate of School Education Department vetted by our experts.


Easy Admission:

Once all the necessary steps are taken, you will get easy online admission to your school without any harassment from us.


How Do We Work:

With our educational portal, we are always ready to help you search for information on schools, including high schools, school departments, and school education boards while selecting your school. With us, you get instant admission to your dream school. We made your school search easy and comfortable. Choose a few easy steps to reach your school.


Gone are the days when schools were meant just for learning. Nowadays, a school develops good hobbies for a student, refines them with special education, develops basic etiquette, skills them on multiple tasks, develops social skills and some other things that a student should be equipped with. A good school defines real education, and it’s the spine of our education system. So, choose our education portal and step toward a brighter and better future.


School Dekho, is a group of schools under the School Education Department of India.

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School Dekho, India's first search engine for school admissions, Dekho Phir Chuno, best school near me
School Dekho, India's first search engine for school admissions, Dekho Phir Chuno, best school near me
  • 25 Jul-2022

Student’s School Hub.

We believe that the definition of Real Education always starts with trust. We are the best Education

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