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A Complete School Solution.

Benefits To Parents And Students:

Most Convenient Education Portal:

School Dekho is one of the names that the students and parents prefer for any Educational solution. With our online school search option, we bring all Schools and High Schools operating under the School Education Department of India to your home comfort. With us you can search for a school, fill out the form for any Private  School or Charter School near you anytime and get quick online admission from anywhere.



You receive School updates, alerts, and notifications when you join us. Also, we update the necessary process information and changes regarding school and their admission process provided by the Education Department and School Education Board.


Simple to Use:

Just join School Dekho and tell us about your preferences and we shortlist your school and you get instant admission to the best one. Isn’t your school search and admission so easy with us? 

Our Eduscol is a complete solution to your Education Journey.

The advantage of Schools:


School Dekho improves the school’s perception and also drives increased application flow. We constantly update the school rankings alike Times Higher Education based on their education system, special education programmes for higher studies, higher education faculties, and yearly performance. And all the details are accumulated from the Directorate of Education.



As it’s all about digital work it reduces the work pressure, helps to shortlist the best candidate and all. Also, society receives the best Edu-care provided by schools.


Easy School Management:

School Dekho is a comprehensive Education portal to manage inquiries, updates, and notifications. This helps the School Education department to maintain a proper school management system.


School search & Admission Process:

 Log in to School Dekho:  👉 click here to join our Education Portal.

 Go through our Education Gazette for daily updates and changes in Education System.


Search And Select your School:

Search all schools, high schools, or charter schools near you.

Select your school according to your criteria.

Read the instructions before claiming admission.



Read all the necessary details before applying.

Verify the details with our experts before submission.

Check out Dashboard for some more schools you might be interested in.


Processing of Applicants:

Candidates' names are shortlisted by school.

Get your confirmation through our website.

Get the true definitions of education with us.



***All Information is accumulated from the School Education Department of India and the Directorate of Education.

School Dekho is a Digital Education Portal for Digital India…..

Contact Us: 

Call - 1800 - 2588 - 074



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