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Find Your School and Get Quick Admission Today .

School Dekho is an Educational platform with complete educational guidance. Choose the right school to create the future for you. School is the place where the basic and most important foundation of knowledge is imparted to a child to become a responsible citizen.

Spending long hours at the same old school with obnoxious students of different ages isn’t as easy as all think. Start your new school or find the best High School that fits you the best today.

Your Ladder to College: 

School is the place where you can get prepared for Higher Education. To get the best college you have to complete a school education and the knowledge gained from school reflects in your future academics. With higher education, you can get a good job, and lead the best life. Without a school education, it’s never possible.

Find the best private schools or charter schools near you performing under the Department of Education and governed by the Directorate of Education with School Dekho.


Get Socialize:  

School brings you a chance to meet chances from different children from different cultures. Meeting new people socializes you and broadens your parameters of knowledge. So, if you want to live the best social life it’s important to start with the best school.

 School Dekho, an eduscol with all your education solutions. Get all information about the school provided by the Board of Education and School Education Department. Start your special education with the special school you deserve with us.

Your Overall Development:

Schools are just not a place where you only learn bookish knowledge, it’s a place and your first stepping stone towards a successful future. Develop all your hobbies, skills, and etiquette.

Find the right schools with the accurate ranks provided by the Education Department of India based on their education system, higher education opportunities, and special education programs. Like Times Higher Education, we find accurate rankings of schools and suggest the best one for admission.

School Dekho, an edu-care portal. Start your learning with us. Always stay updated with our education gazette. Our daily blogs and articles are helpful for all educational information. Also, find the best scholarship opportunities with, so you can choose the best school without any financial worry. 


***All the pieces of Information are accumulated from the School Education Department of India and the Directorate of Education.


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