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Empowering Your Right for Education.

Join our mission of bringing transparency to study choice.


School Dekho, is an initiative to change the lives of millions of students every day. We enable students to find all schools or High Schools in one single platform and to discover the right fit matching their preferences. To be India’s first search engine for school search and admission, we work with thousands of school providers operating under the Department of Education and guided by the Board of Education who are eager in diversifying their campus and connecting the right students from all over India.


Education plays a vital part in each student’s life. Many students have special preferences regarding choosing the right school for higher education. School Dekho ensures the right spotlight in the place where students can discover the best school based on their education system and enjoy their amazing education style.

The first core value of School Dekho is to make our nation a step forward by spreading Edu-care to all. We strive to help every student and thus help the community to develop and that makes us happier. Our Education portal provides knowledge to students along with other education-related charities and programs.


School Dekho is a spin-off to stop the harassment of finding the right school among the high number of education platforms. A complete eduscol for all education solutions.


Alike the Times Higher Education School Dekho provides a complete and most accurate ranking of schools provided by the School Education Department based on their yearly performance, education opportunities, and faculties. 

By making education opportunities transparent we helped schools more effectively and easily market their education faculties.


Also, stay updated with our education gazette. Our daily blogs are highly helpful for students and their learning. We are driven to spread a positive contribution in bringing the right meaning to education with our education platform. Find the right Private School or a perfect Charter School near you. 


School Dekho is focused on further developing services and providing more information to students.  We are proud to state that your trust and our teamwork have pushed us to India’s most trusted and recommended Educational Platform.

⭐️⭐️⭐️All pieces of information are accumulated from the School Education Department of India and the Directorate of Education.

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Call: 1800 - 2588 - 074


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