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All-in-one Destination For Your Educational journey.

School Dekho is India’s first search engine for your school search and admission. Your all-in-one destination to start your educational journey.



Worried about your child's schooling getting started with the best school? Or are you confused about selecting a high school for higher education among the best?


School Dekho provides the best education with all your educational solutions.



When it comes to education, trust is the most important thing to deal with. School Dekho is the most recommended education portal for its legitimacy and Edu-Care services. Now enjoy a smooth search and quick admission under our expert guidance.



Shortlist Your School:

Let us know about you and we will arrange the best one for you. We will recommend the best private schools or charter schools in your area based on their educational system, future educational opportunities, and other factors. We provide information on legitimate schools operating under the Department of Education and governed by the Directorate of Education.



Quick Admission: 

Select your school and claim quick admission. Our experts are always ready to update you with all the necessary information provided by the School Education Board. We do the hard lifting so you don’t.



Daily Updates: 

Our educational journal publishes daily blogs and articles to keep you updated and focused on the current education system, scholarship programs, and all. Also, like Times Higher Education, we provide the school rankings based on their yearly performance.



Feedback :

Get genuine feedback from genuine people and then select a school for admission. Nothing is better than comparing and choosing. We bring you opportunities from real students and parents regarding the schools they opted for.



School is the place where students turn into responsible citizens. Education is the only weapon to uplift social and cultural growth and build a developed nation. School Dekho has taken an oath to provide students with the true definition of education. Our only intention is to spread education to every corner of our society. We believe education is the only weapon to fight against the darkness of superstition, ignorance, and uncertainty.


Because "Padhega India Tabhi to Badhega India…"


Contact Us:

Call - 1800 - 2588 - 074
Mail -

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