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Which Board Is better For My Child? ICSE or CBSE?

The major factor in deciding a child's future is the quality of education that he or she will get so this becomes one of the main decisions for the parents to make. Which Board of Education will be right for my child? which school should I choose? etc these become the greatest questions of a parent’s life. There is a lot to choose from and the major deciding factor will be your child - what he or she can tackle or what will be best for them. These little questions can make your child's future so you have to choose very wisely. To help you get through one of these questions, which board of education should you opt for, we're here to enlighten you on the pros and cons of two main boards of our country: ICSE and CBSE.

Here are some factors which you should keep in mind -


CBSE follows NCERT books, it is more theoretical in nature whereas ICSE follows a practical approach and has an unbound syllabus [gives knowledge from every respective field and the wide range of topics offered is intentional for their entire development.


CBSE mainly focuses on maths and science with a greater emphasis on knowledge application whereas ICSE focuses on all the subjects such as art, language, maths, and science signifying analytical skills. ICSE also gives more attention to English Grammar.


CBSE board conducts various activities to make students good in all the other physical aspects whereas ICSE provides an extensive syllabus. CBSE syllabus places a high value on project work, coursework, and sports.


CBSE board is widely accepted but the ICSE board is also recognized by foreign universities or foreign competitive exams.


In CBSE transfer is easy as compared to ICSE because CBSE schools are more in number and available in all cities.


It is easy to get marks in CBSE because ICSE has a vast curriculum and questions arise from anywhere on the topic. CBSE also has a lenient marking pattern in comparison to ICSE.


In India, the majority of competitive exams are based on the NCERT pattern which is followed by CBSE.

Deciding on an educational board may seem like a small issue for now but it will shape your child’s future by providing a certain direction to him/her. There are certain issues they can face if not given the right guidance. Your child’s abilities and interests are the prime factors in deciding the right educational board for them. Where CBSE can investigate the overall development of your child which might also help them in finding their interests and hobbies, ICSE provides education quality like no other and will help your child attain vast amounts of knowledge and better concepts.

Though both of these boards are popularly recognized and both of them provide a good quality of education yet the decisions should be yours based on your child.

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