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Understanding the New Education Policy 2020 and Its Impact on Indian Education System.

Q: What is the New Education Policy 2020?

A: The New Education Policy 2020 is a policy in India that replaces a 34-year-old policy to become a more inclusive, holistic, comprehensive, and far-sighted policy to make India a knowledge hub by the end of this decade. It aims to universalize education from pre-school to secondary level and bridge social gaps in participation, access, and learning outcomes in school education with a target of 100 percent Gross Enrolment Ratio (GEER) or zero school drop outs by 2030.

Q: What are the highlights of the NEP 2020?

A: The top 5 highlights of NEP 2020 are:

1.)Multiple entry and exit options in degree courses.
2.)Discontinuation of MPhil Programs.
3.)Single regulator for higher education institutes.
4.)Low-stakes Board Exams.
5.)Common entrance exams for Universities.

Q: What is the impact of NEP 2020 on the Indian education system?

A: The impact of NEP 2020 on the Indian education system is as follows:

Content, Curriculum, and Pedagogy: The conventional 10+2 school curriculum structure is to be replaced by a 5+3+3+4 structure corresponding to ages 3–8, 8–11, 11–14, and 14–18 years, respectively. To implement this change at the grassroot level, curriculum, content, and pedagogy restructuring must be done as per the NCF (National Curriculum Framework) and content revisited in textbooks.

Integrate Technology with the Learning and Teaching Process: A regulatory body, NEAT (the National Educational Alliance for Technology), has been set up to integrate technology for better learning outcomes. NEAT aims to use Artificial Intelligence to personalize the learning experience depending on the learner's requirements. However, one of the biggest challenges is establishing a robust digital infrastructure in remote areas.

Assessment: Under PARAKH (Performance Assessment, Review, and Analysis of Knowledge for Holistic Development), a national assessment center has been proposed to be set up to keep a regular check on the education system. NEP 2020 aims to recognize the need to evaluate "higher order skills" such as creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, visualization, and idea generation.

Mother Tongue as a medium of instruction: NEP 2020 focuses on the use of mother tongue as the instruction medium, however, not mandating the use of a particular language on anyone. Home or local language will be used preferably until Grade 8, as mother tongue allows students to easily grasp complex concepts.

Science, Arts and Commerce gets blurred: NEP 2020 emphasises on multidisciplinary learning and no separations are made between vocational and academic streams. Students select the subjects of their choice across streams. Beginning in the sixth grade, vocational education includes internships.

Teacher Training: The new education system is an evolved blend of the digital and traditional learning systems. Educators, therefore, have to be trained digitally to blend into the new digital learning processes.


Q: How will NEP 2020 instill 21st-century skills in children?

A: NEP 2020 is a milestone in the history of the education system in India. It will provide the much-needed tectonic shift in the pedagogical structure emphasising experiential and practical learning that will instill 21st-century skills in children.

Q: How can online school search engines like School Dekho help parents with NEP 2020?

A: Online school search engines like School Dekho can help parents navigate these changes and find the right school for their child. With School Dekho's help, parents can make informed decisions about their child's education and ensure they have access to a high-quality and innovative learning experience.


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