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Best Schools in Medinipur
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Top | Best Schools in Medinipur

Medinipur or Midnapore is a city known for its history in the Indian state of West Bengal. There are many best schools in Medinipur. Nowadays most guardians have a problem in that they can not decide which school is best for education. So, school dekho solved this problem and made a school search engine where you get at a time all the best schools in Medinipur.


It is a district in the southwest of Medinipur, and its municipal government was established in 1865. It is located along the Kangsabati River's banks.  


The foremost concern of the people from Medinipur is providing a good quality English education to their children as English schools are far better in many areas of educational purview because of their language's acceptance at a worldwide level. English's significance in the modern world, where things move so quickly, cannot be understated. Children must learn English if they want to develop properly. English-medium schools are widely available in Medinipur. In order to help the parents make a proper decision in regard to their child's school admissions, we have listed below some of the top-rated schools.




1) Dav Public School

School Type: Co-ed

Address: Daak Bungalow Road, Midnapore, West Bengal

Establishment: 1993

Board: CBSE


2) Vidyasagar Shishu Niketan High School

School Type: Co-ed

Address: Rangamati, Midnapore, West Bengal

Establishment: 1975

Board: ICSE


3) Midnapore Town School

School Type: Co-ed

Address: Midnapore town, Midnapore, West Bengal

Establishment: 2002

Board: CBSE


4) Pathfinder Higher Secondary Public School

School Type - Co-ed

Address - Station Road, Midnapore, West Bengal

Establishment: 1998

Board: CBSE


[The information presented here is based on research by the School Dekho team and may not be up-to-date, as it is based on research conducted at a specific point in time.]


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