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Progress Your Learning.

Today, e-learning has become a trend that makes education easy and comfortable. Several schools, including private schools, high schools, colleges, and institutions, use online education portals to display their offerings, and the Education Department and Education Board also prioritise online websites to streamline administrative information in the most effective and efficient manner possible. This education portal collects and displays for students and parents the entire details of a school before you choose to apply for admission.


With increasing complications in the traditional management of the Department of Education, they used the Eduscol system to simplify this process and generate potential opportunities for students to access their educational rights. To bridge the communication gap between schools, providers, and seekers, there was always a need for technology. School Dekho is India’s first engine for school search and admission and adopts a smart strategy such as an online search portal that connects with school, which helps to communicate at both ends and bring progress in the education system.


Quick access: School Dekho is a complete education portal that provides quick and easy inside access to each school in India. Get to know the fee structure, admission requirements, curriculum and co-curricular programs, and higher education opportunities. This helps both parents, students, and providers understand and perform the complete admission procedure better.


Eases Communication: School Dekho provides real-time, secured access between schools and seekers. School Dekho builds a connection between them and thus develops a trusted relationship that enhances academics.


Accurate Reports: Like the Times Higher Education School Dekho provides the exact daily updates, reports, yearly performance, and school rankings based on benchmark criteria.


Transparency: School Dekho maintains transparency between providers and seekers. Flexible alternative options are provided for individuals to see the specific information they are looking for.


This is the platform you need if you want to have an easy educational journey. We successfully updated our e-care service by utilising advanced technology. It’s a mobile-compatible app that anyone can easily access. Also, with our education newsletter, you can stay up to date on the current curriculum of the education system as well as other educational opportunities because we have the true definition of education.


Finding a charter school in your area is made simple by School Dekho. With School Dekho, you can enjoy your school admissions journey.


All Informations are accumulated from the School Education Department of India and the Directorate of Education.


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