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Key Factors For Selecting The Best School For Your Child.

School Dekho is India's first school search and admissions engine.A comprehensive digital education portal that simplifies school search.Get deep curated information about schools, their fee structure, reviews of yearly performances, admission information and other details. More than 25,000 schools, including high schools, private schools, CBSE schools, ICSE schools and state Boards are enlisted. Our dedicated team of Counselors listen and also comprehend the needs of every parent and student.Provide unbiased options that meet your needs. 


Parenting brings a huge responsibility, and one of the exigencies is choosing the right school for your child. School Dekho, like the Times Higher Education, relieves parents' stress by recommending top schools and the "Best School for Your Child" by providing up-to-date school information on their performance. In addition, we recommend the most genuine schools performing under the Education Department and the Education Board of India. Also, School Dekho is the perfect education gazette for keeping both parents and students updated about the recent admission process or changes made by the Education Department of India, the current education system, and other opportunities for your child's higher education.


How do you choose the right school for your child?


We will learn four keys to opening the right school for your child in today's blog. 


American political leader Malcolm X said, "Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." This quote emphasises the importance of education to become a better person for tomorrow. This betterment starts with the first step of choosing the right school that will enable students to stand in a better place in the future.


Here are the four keys to unlock the best school for your child.

1) Teaching and Learning Styles: These two people represent the same thing. If your instruction is flawless, your child will learn effectively.Different students hold different capacities of learning So, teachers who make such distinctions can help students learn better and understand better. A teacher's pedagogical style can impact a student’s ability to learn and comprehend. There are two different styles that promote a child’s growth and development.


● Co-operative-based: This learning process promotes experiential , interactive, and peer-to-peer projects.


● Inquiry-based: In this learning style, students lead the sessions, which encourages independent and hands-on learning.


To get the inside view of every school visit School Dekho and get a complete review about your school before admission.


2) Your child’s needs and interests : Before choosing your child’s school, takeaccount your child’s strength, weakness and interest . Look for the school that caters to their needs, encouraging their strengths, and helping them to overcome their weaknesses.


3)Curriculum and Co-curricular activity : To the large extent a good school stands apart from its only curriculum programs. The depth of the curriculum and pedagogical methodology influence the child’s higher education and career opportunities. Hence, you need to conduct research before choosing your admission.


School Dekho gives you a valid suggestion to select the right school that fulfils your child’s needs and makes opportunities for a brighter future.


But co-curriculum opportunities help in the complete development of a child's physical and cognitive skills and overall performance. A heavy curriculum may not always help in the complete growth and development of your child. So a school is ideal when it provides an ideal balance of curriculum and extracurricular activities.


4)Teacher Student Ratio: A small class can have a positive effect on your child’s learning. A perfect teacher and student ratio brings a good chance for your child’s learning . If this ratio is perfect, a teacher can show good concern for every child’s needs, thus helping students to know better, understand more, and enjoy proper and effective learning.


A school always puts a great impact on your child’s learning and future life. Keep these facts in mind, School Dekho, before applying for admission. Finding the best school or a good charter school near you is no longer a tough task in the digital world of School Dekho.


School Dekho goes by the motto pehle Dekho phir Chuno.


All data is gathered from the School Education Department of India and the Directorate of Education.


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