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Accelerate Your Education.

With the increasing number of students seeking admission into educational institutions, putting tremendous strain on the school education department and the administrative staff body of the Education Department to manage the admission process. It was difficult to conduct the admission process accurately and complete it in a timely manner. Hence the online education was always required for this solution.


School Dekho is India’s first search engine for school search and admission managing the huge task of admission. Giving a digital touch to the traditional time-consuming and slow admission process. It’s the best education portal, which enables an automated student online admission system or e-admission platform to speed up the entire process and to simplify the admission procedure.


Working around the clock: School Dekho is reducing the time required for institutional admission. Institutions can also publish the merit list earlier than they could previously, which ensures maximisation of opportunities. It enables candidates to apply at their leisure.


No geographic limitation: School Dekho allows candidates to fill out applications online from anywhere and at any time.No longer do parents have to overcome time and distance barriers for their children's education.


No long queues: Both candidates and their parents don’t have to stand and wait long in queues to get their queries answered or to receive an application form and submit it. Both institutions don’t need additional management in the enquiry department or in security management to handle huge crowds.


Lessen paperwork: With School Dekho, both parents and school providers have to perform less paperwork, and students get expert support during the complete admission procedure.


Precise and reliable information: School Dekho provides the most reliable information accumulated from the Educational Department and the Board of Education. So never worry about any wrongdoing with us.


User friendly: School Dekho is a user-friendly edu-care portal where your child can enjoy true education by selecting the best tailored curriculum, assisting your child's higher education opportunities, and providing special education opportunities to develop your child's potential.


Real-time reports: Like The Times Higher Education, we monitor the ongoing institutional progress, the admission process, yearly academic performance, and other value-adding opportunities for your child. With the education gazette, stay updated about the current curriculum and education activities.


Now, completing the tough task of finding the top private school or charter school near you is convenient and simple. It is a multi-user integrated system that is completely secure against unauthorised access. School Dekho is ready with secure, accurate, and timely information to help you make a better decision.


All Informations are accumulated from the School Education Department of India and the Directorate of Education.


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