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A Digital Platform for Your School Search and Admission.

Education is one of the best weapons that can change a society and make a nation develop. It’s the first stepping stone for a brighter future. The journey of learning starts from home but the educational life starts from school. It’s the very first institution where your child learns the essence of life and gets a true education definition.


School Dekho India’s first search engine for school admission gives your child the best second home which is the best school, most secure and encouraging place where they will spend an important time of their childhood. School Dekho also ensures you provide the best opportunities that are helpful for your child’s Higher Education.


A teacher is a child’s second parent, mentor, and also a best friend. They can only educate a child to their best and enhance their learning capabilities.


So, it’s always necessary to select the right school for your child. School Dekho focuses on your child's progressive learning and overall growth so, School Dekho arranges the best schools according to your requirements where your child can find special education and learning opportunities.

As a parent, when you are looking for a good school for your child’s growth and development School Dekho, an eduscol is ready with all your educational solutions. As a school or High School is the prime foundation of learning it’s always necessary to choose the finest one. Now perform your tough test with the best Education Portal of India School Dekho.

School Ranking:

School Dekho always strives that your child receives a fundamental education from a top school. Alike the Times Higher Education School Dekho provides the exact rankings provided by the Department of education so parents can easily determine the quality of education and opt for admission.



Before claiming admission parents should verify all the facilities provided for both sectors of learning and sports. School Dekho brings you inside amenities like the school library, school counseling services, scholarship programs for future higher studies, and more.

School Dekho brings you the opportunity for Dekho Phir Chuno. So, confirm your admission with all inside views and information provided by the Board of education and the Education department of India with School Dekho.


Teaching Facilities:

Each child is different and so their needs are. School Dekho arranges the best where they will get the best learning accordingly from the best teachers. Also, know the teacher students ratio so your child can get the special edu-care that they need.


School Infrastructure:

It’s one of the most significant parts while choosing a school for admission. School Dekho gives you a sneak peek into the inside atmosphere of the school and thus you know about how friendly the infrastructure of the school is to attract your child's daily attendance and learning experience.



Lesser travel can provide more productivity. School Dekho arranges the best Private School or Charter School near you so your child may have much time remaining for focusing on some more creative opportunities.


Fees Structure:

School Dekho is a platform where both parents and school providers can easily get connected to each other. Also, School Dekho has created transparency between the both. So get all the necessary information regarding the school and fee structure so you can make a long time decision before claiming admission.


✰✰✰All Informations are accumulated from the School Education Department of India and the Directorate of Education.


Contact Us:

Call: 1800–2588–074


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