List of Top 5 NEET Coaching Institutes in Kolkata 2024

List of Top 5 NEET Coaching Institutes in Kolkata

Beсoming а ԁoсtor is а ԁreаm thаt you аnԁ your раrents shаre. The first big step is to сrасk the NEET exаm, which tests your knowledge аnԁ skills in the meԁiсаl fielԁ. In Kolkаtа, а сity full of life аnԁ energy, you hаve mаny oрtions to сhoose from when it сomes to NEET сoасhing.

But finԁing the best NEET сoасhing institute in Kolkаtа саn be а tough сhoiсe, аs there аre so mаny oрtions out there, аll рromising to be the best. We know how hаrԁ it is for you аnԁ your раrents to mаke this imрortаnt ԁeсision, so we have ԁone the homework for you. We have reseаrсheԁ аnԁ rаnkeԁ the toр NEET сoасhing institutes in Kolkаtа bаseԁ on vаrious fасtors like fасulty, results, fees, аnԁ fасilities.

Top 5 NEET Coaching Institutes in Kolkata

Our goal is to make your life easier so that you don’t have to worry аbout senԁing your сhilԁ to аnother сity for а better eԁuсаtion. In this аrtiсle, you will find our list of the best NEET сoасhing institutes in Kolkаtа, which will help you finԁ the рerfeсt mаtсh for your сhilԁ’s meԁiсаl саreer.

1. Career and Courses

Career and Courses is the best coaching institute for pre-medical preparation, offering high-quality education with experienced faculty. They provide the best study material and concept-clearing sessions to make sure that each student has a clear understanding of every concept. Personalized guidance and a cooperative environment are what make this institute the best of all.

Course details –

2 Year Residential Course for NEET with Board preparation –
Class frequency: 5 days/week (Monday – Friday)
Duration: 7 hours/day (5 hours of board support and 2 hours of NEET preparation)
Tests: 59 (NEET Preparation) + 14 (Board Preparation)

Course Enquiry

1 Year Residential Course for NEET/JEE (Repeater’s batch)
Class frequency – 5 Days/Week (Monday – Friday)
Duration – 6 Hrs/Day (Physics – 9 Hrs/Week, Chemistry – 9 Hrs/Week, Maths/Biology – 12 Hrs/Week)

Faculty Details – The faculty is highly qualified and experienced. Their unique teaching methodologies are a great factor in the success rate of the institute. They provide personalized guidance, clearing up the basic concepts for each student.

Study Material Quality – The quality of study material provided by this institute is A+, as it covers all the topics with the right amount of content. The easy and accessible language makes it a lot more understandable to the students. Practice questions are provided for every topic for concept-clearing.

Infrastructure and Facilities – The green and positive environment of this institute calms the students’ minds to make it more available for studies. There are various facilities provided, like the library, sports room, and properly equipped classrooms, to help the students achieve their dreams.

Success Rate – The success rate of this institute is higher than any other institute in Kolkata. The unique teaching methodologies and top-notch study material make sure the students get into top medical colleges.

Student Reviews –

1. “Career and courses helped me gain an immense amount of knowledge; they prepared me to sit in the examination, helping me with every detail. The study materials are outstanding, having the perfect theory-numerical ratio. The assessments are very mind-clearing, and the faculty is highly supportive and available. Every student is provided with personal attention and guidance.”

2. “Career and Courses have instilled discipline in me and taught me the importance of the right approach. The teachers were always available to solve any query, and the environment is very motivating and positive.”

Coaching Address – 3/15, 1st Floor, Sati Plaza, Barrackpore, Kolkata- 700121

Contact –
Hotline: 1800 120 5850

2. Aakash Institute

Aakash is a famous coaching institute known for its quality education and faculty all over India. The Aakash Institute of Kolkata provides a good study environment for students to focus on their goals. It was founded in 1988 with 12 students and has since expanded to operate in over 30 cities across the country. They motivate and supervise students to help them become more productive.

Course details –

Class Timings

Weekdays: 3–4 hours per day
Weekends (Saturday and Sunday): 6 hours per day faculty details- The faculty of this institute is highly educated and experienced and knows how to deal with each student accordingly.

Study Material Quality – They provide comprehensive study material with a lot of practice questions to prepare the students. Every concept is made to be understood by the student.

Infrastructure and facilities –They provide equipped classrooms with a perfect teacher-student ratio and an environment that supports healthy learning. Teachers are always available for doubt-clearing.

Success rate –The success rate of this institute is good, but there are a lot of students, making it harder for the faculty to focus on each one of them.

Student reviews- “Aakash Institute taught me how to approach each and every type of problem. The faculty is great and very approachable.”

Contact details-
Address- No. 23, Ground to 4th Floor
Circus Avenue
Kolkata – 700017
Landmark- Opposite Jhaal Farezi Restaurant
Phone No.- +918800013151

3. Topper’s Academy

Topper’s Academy is ranked third among the coaching centres in Kolkata. It provides deep conceptual understanding through its comprehensive study material and experienced faculty. Toppers Academy was founded in 2020 with the sole purpose of bringing together the world’s greatest doctors who will treat patients with expert knowledge.

Course Details –

For Dropper:
6 days/week Classes (4.5 hours/Day)
12th Class, One-Year Course:
NEET 2024, 18 hours per week

Faculty details – The faculty is well-educated and experienced. The faculty is also very available and attentive to the students.

Study Material Quality – They provide comprehensive study materials, including numerous practice questions, to help students prepare. Each topic is tailored to the student’s understanding.

Infrastructure and facilities – The classes are well-lit and ventilated. Regular assessments are provided with a test series and proper guidance.

Success rate – The success rate of this coaching is good in comparison to many others.
In the NEET UG 2023, Ankit Shokeen qualified for the NEET with a 670 score from Topper’s Academy, Mowly Murugesan with a 667 score, and Devasheesh Bulani with a 666 score.

Student reviews- Toppers Academy is a great institution for both NEET and JEE preparation. Students are taught to tackle the questions in a very easy and quick way.

Contact details-
Contact Number: 07827048964

4. The Hinduzone

It is a coaching platform that helps aspirants develop skills and knowledge through its prominent teaching methodologies and highly experienced faculty. Hinduzone is a platform that prepares students to perform at their best when appearing for the NEET examinations.

Course details –

1. The institute has recorded video lectures, allowing students to learn whenever and wherever they wish.
2. Students receive live, online-integrated classes to ensure their full focus and attention.
3. Batch sizes are small enough that no student is left unattended or any questions remain unanswered.

Faculty details – The faculty is very dedicated and educated and helps the students to clear their doubts and have a positive approach toward the examination.

Facilities – The professional faculty assists in developing high levels of expertise.
Study material is the precise concepts of all themes related to various areas, allowing for a thorough grasp of the elements. The test series are repeated regularly to ensure uniformity during preparation.

Success Rate – The success rate of this institute is higher in comparison to most of the coaching institutes. It provides students with a clear mindset to focus and achieve their goals.

Student reviews – This institute helped me get my dream medical college. The teachers are very patient with every student and their queries.

Contact details-
Contact Number: 8800222298

5. Unique Classes

A skilled academic team provides pupils with a high-quality education that increases their productivity and skills. Continuous practice by students and teachers increases the chances of passing the qualifying examination by selecting the best NEET coaching institute in Kolkata.

Course details –

For dropper:
6 days every week. Classes (4.5 hours/day)
12th Class One-Year Course: NEET 2024, 18 hours per week.

Faculty details – The faculty is motivated and informed, and they assist students in clearing their concerns and maintaining a good attitude before the exam.

Facilities – Academic performance analysis is presented to both parents and children to provide assessment updates on their preparation. Students are given a set of practice questions to help them learn the material better.

Success rate – The success rate of this coaching is better than most. Students are generally satisfied with the quality of education provided by them.

Student reviews – Unique Classes is one of the best institutions for NEET preparation. The study environment is healthy and competitive, and the teachers are very helpful.

Contact details –
2 Ramanath Sadhu Lane, Muktaram Babu St, behind Ram Mandir or Gurukul, Kolkata, West Bengal 700007
Contact 033 4007 6888

Kolkаtа is а сity where mаny рeoрle ԁreаm of beсoming ԁoсtors. But to mаke this ԁreаm сome true, you neeԁ to finԁ the best NEET сoасhing institute in the сity. We hаve lookeԁ аt аll the oрtions аnԁ founԁ thаt Cаreer аnԁ Courses сoасhing is the best one for you. This institute hаs everything you need to асe the NEET exаm: excellent teасhers, high-quаlity eԁuсаtion, аnԁ а сomрrehensive wаy of рreраring you for the meԁiсаl fielԁ. Cаreer аnԁ Courses сoасhing is the best сhoiсe for аnyone who wаnts to become а ԁoсtor in Kolkаtа. When you start your journey to а meԁiсаl саreer, the first thing you need to do is choose the right сoасhing institute. Cаreer аnԁ Courses сoасhing will help you ensure your suссess.

FAQs related to NEET Coaching in Kolkata

What is NEET?
National Eligibility cum Entrance Examination (NEET) is an entrance exam for medical colleges in India

When is the NEET exam conducted each year?
NEET is conducted on the first Sunday of May each year.

What is the age limit for NEET candidates?
The candidates must be at least 17 years of age before entering the medical college.

Which institute is best for NEET preparation in Kolkata?
Career and Courses is definitely the best NEET preparation institute in Kolkata.

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